PhishFort Protect
to stay safe online.

100% free, open-source, and privacy focused. Our browser plugin helps protect you from phishing attacks and provides you with peace of mind while you browse the internet.

100% open source

PhishFort Protect was created to help the community.

We respect your privacy, so we've open-sourced the codebase. Read through it, or package and install it yourself. Your browser data never leaves your browser.
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See what's safe, not just dangerous

Browse with confidence. PhishFort Protect shows you when you're on a safe website, not just a dangerous one.

Get Real-Time Protection

Protect fetches new phishing intelligence from the PhishFort backend every few minutes. This means you're protected from phishing attacks as soon as our detection systems identify a live attack.

When you land on a phishing site, we automatically redirect you to safety.
PhishFort Protect

"Finally something that fights back against SCAM artists targeting the vulnerable."

Daryl Archibald
Google Chrome User

"Really useful plugin! Makes me feel much safer while browsing. Thanks PhishFort."

Richard Sanders
Google Chrome User Review

"Amazing plugin that help us get away from scammer and hackers, thank you team."

Firefox User

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The Protect plugin is designed to safeguard you from phishing attacks while you browse.
  • Get notified when you visit a dangerous website
  • Receive alerts when viewing a blacklisted crypto address
  • Directly report phishing content to PhishFort
  • See verified Twitter users