Comprehensive anti-phishing  solution

Protect your customers from fake usage of your brand. A managed service for finding and removing phishing websites, malicious apps, and social media content.

Anti-Phishing Protection

An Instant Return On Investment

Attackers evolve, but so do we. Our anti-phishing technology uses machine learning to constantly stay up to date with the tactics used by phishers.

Save Time

Stop spending time combatting phishing. Automated tools and detection engines mean you can focus on what you do best.

Safeguard Customers

Protect your customers from the financial damage that phishing causes.

Zero Integration Required

We require no integration to get started. Sign up and get immediate protection.

Defend Your Brand

Trust in your brand is your most valuable asset. Protect it from the damage that phishing scams cause.

Proactive, Not Reactive

Stop being surprised by phishing campaigns. Our technology is designed to discover phishing attacks before they launch.

Takedowns Included

From detection to takedown, we take care of the entire process of combating phishing, an end-to-end phishing solution.

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Package Options

With zero integration required, you'll be set up in no time at all. Protect your brand, your customers, and your bottom line. Choose an option.
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Our lite package is aimed at smaller websites looking to get protection from phishing at an affordable price point. This is typically best for companies with under 10,000 monthly active users. This includes:

  • 1 takedown a month
  • Monitoring of a single website or mobile application
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • Monthly reports

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We tailor bespoke packages for enterprises based on your unique digital footprint and attack surface. We consider which of our many tools are best suited to protect your brand and protection. Typically our enterprise packages include:

  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Monitoring of multiple domains and mobile applications
  • Detection and takedown across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Advanced analytics and research into threat actors through custom research
  • Real-time analytics and dashboard
  • High volume support, ideal for platforms with more than 10,000 monthly active users
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Phishing Protection Across Multiple Verticals

Consumers lose $160 Billion per year to cybercrime.

In addition to the devastating financial loss caused by phishing, consumers lose hard earned trust in the brand used by scammers to phish them. The vast majority of these attacks are carried out over the web.

PhishFort processes tens of millions of websites each day, using machine learning technology to classify and detect phishing attacks against your customers using your brand. After detecting an attack, PhishFort uses our network of partners, domain registrars, and hosting providers to shut down attacks and remove them from the internet.

Read more about our domain and website phishing protection.

Mobile application phishing has risen 88% over the last year.

Attackers change their modus operandi over time and will target users wherever they spend most of their time. With the surge in popularity of mobile applications, attackers are increasingly using mobile application stores to launch phishing attacks.

PhishFort monitors, detects, investigates, and takes down phishing clones of mobile applications across major mobile app stores. After building a profile of your brand, we monitor the Google Play Store and Apple App store for attacks against your customers.

Read more about our mobile application phishing protection.

Social media phishing now accounts for 20% of phishing attacks.

Attackers are increasingly making use of social media platforms to find and lure victims into their phishing scams. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are amongst the most commonly used social media platforms by attackers.

PhishFort monitors and responds to accounts and bad actors impersonating your brand and phishing your customers. After discovering an attack, PhishFort works with the relevant parties to suspend the account to mitigate the potential damage caused by the attack.

Read more about our social media phishing protection.

Beware of fake browser extensions

Browser extensions can be a dangerous attack vector given their high privilege and lack of proper vetting by stores. Attacks include:  

  • Sensitive data can be stolen, such as passwords, private keys, or even browsing data.
  • Data can be modified, allowing an attacker to insert a fake recipient for a transaction as it happens.
  • Browsing sessions can be modified to direct users to malicious content, such as malware.

A research piece conducted by MyCrypto and PhishFort found and removed 49 malicious Chrome extensions targeting popular crypto brands.

PhishFort offers monitoring and takedowns of Chrome extensions, which are used by Chrome, Chromium, and Brave browsers.

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The PhishFort Philosophy


Research Led

Understanding how attackers work is the first step toward defending effectively. Deep investigative work lets us build the next generation of phishing defense.


Discover Early

The key to becoming proactive is discovering attacks early, ideally before they launch.


React Fast

Combine human analysts with powerful machine learning powered tools to react lightning fast.



After an attack has been shut down, integrate the techniques and signatures used by attackers back into how we discover attacks early.

An End-to-End Phishing Mitigation Strategy

PhishFort provides world class anti-phishing detection and  takedown services.

Defense in Depth

No single control solves phishing. PhishFort uses a multi-layered defense in-depth strategy to combat phishing, deploying multiple layers of detection strategies and controls.

  • Phishing starts long before your customer receives their first correspondence with the attacker. PhishFort deploys various technologies in order to detect phishing campaigns as soon as possible into their lifecycle.
  • With machine learning powered detection, our technology gets better over time, learning to identify new attacks and trends used by attackers.
  • PhishFort's market leading technology is continually evolving as additional layers of defense are added to reinforce our overall strategy.

Insight and Control

Turn the unknown into actionable insights. PhishFort provides it's intelligence and analysis through our real time dashboard and API.

  • Track phishing attacks in real time on our dashboard with live data populated by our research analysts and threat intelligence.
  • Integrate our data feeds into your own SIEM or SOC center through our real time phishing intelligence API.
  • Get rich intelligence about phishing campaigns targeting your industry and get ahead of the attackers.
  • Report phishing attacks directly through our API, or let us manage your phishing email address for you.

Expert Analysis and Threat Intel

Attackers do not just target organizations, they target industries.

  • Our analysts have a deep subject matter expertise and experience combating phishing attacks across industry verticals. Choosing us means that you benefit from cross-industry intelligence.
  • PhishFort combines technical security analysts and machine learning technology to provide highly effective protection against phishing attacks.
  • An experienced team of analysts and a 24x7x365 operations team means you're always protected.

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