Discover and shut down mobile phishing apps

Do you have a mobile app? Are your users being compromised through malicious apps?

The world has gone mobile, and so have attackers. PhishFort can help you detect and shut down mobile phishing apps.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Scammers are increasingly utilising mobile apps as a means of stealing user data.

Mobile application phishing has risen 88% over the last year.

With the surge in popularity of mobile applications over the last decade, attackers have tracked this move by targeting users where they spend their time.

As a result, major industries have seen a rapid increase in the number of phishing scams successfully conducted on popular mobile application stores. Monitoring and taking down these incidents has become vitally important for organisations seeking to develop an effective overall anti-phishing strategy.

PhishFort uses a combination of our proprietary technology and a team of dedicated analysts to monitor and respond to attacks against brands on these platforms.

Android and iOS covered.

Google Play Store

Android is the most widely used mobile phone operating system in the world. PhishFort monitors the play store for phishing applications launched by attackers.

Apple App Store

PhishFort monitors the Apple App Store to discover phishing applications that are submitted by attackers and target your customers.

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Mobile App Protection

With zero integration required, you'll be setup in no time at all. Protect your brand, your customers, and your bottom line.
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Our lite package is aimed at smaller websites looking to get protection from phishing at an affordable price point. This is typically best for companies with under 10,000 monthly active users. This includes:

  • One free app takedown each month.
  • Monitoring of a single website or mobile application
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Dashboard and analytics providing insights into attacks.
  • Monthly reports.

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We tailor bespoke packages for enterprises based on your unique digital footprint and attack surface. We consider which of our many tools are best suited to protect your brand and protection. Typically our enterprise packages include:

  • Unlimited app takedowns.
  • Monitoring of multiple domains and mobile applications.
  • Detection and takedown across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Advanced analytics and research into threat actors through custom research.
  • Real-time analytics and dashboard.
  • High volume support, ideal for platforms with more than 10,000 monthly active users.
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