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Whether you’re a retailer, e-commerce website, bank, financial institution, or content producer our badge is a quick and easy way to detect when your website is being copied. Once embedded, PhishFort can track and notify you of infringements as they occur.
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Identify when your website is being copied

The PhishFort DMCA Badge protects your digital content from unauthorised copycats. Sites that make use of our PhishFort Badge will be monitored by PhishFort. Our backend system will detect and notify our analysts when the Badge is found somewhere where it shouldn’t be, allowing you to investigate and respond to the incident.

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Brand and copyright infringements can cause serious harm to your customers, brand, and bottom line. Implementing a DMCA protection strategy is important and not just an investment in your content, but an investment in your brand. Given the potential for financial and reputational damage, PhishFort have developed a cost effective solution that’s as simple to integrate as pasting a line of HTML code into your website. Our badge protects millions of dollars in Intellectual Property.

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We'll provide you with a unique badge that you can include on your website to help track when it is being cloned. We'll notify you as soon as we detect someone copying your content. It's then up to you whether you'd like to take down the content yourself or work with one of our experts by requesting a takedown.
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Monitoring Solutions

PhishFort offers brand monitoring solutions to help you detect attacks faster and respond to threats against your brand, customers, and revenue.

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