Website and Content Takedown

Takedown phishing, malware, or trademark/copyright infractions against your brand.

What kind of takedown can we assist with?

PhishFort has an experienced legal and brand protection teams with experience dealing with juristictions across the globe. Broadly speaking, takedowns fall into either DMCA, Trademark violation or Copyright takedowns and Phishing and Malware takedowns. Follow the relevant link below to initiate a takedown.

DMCA, Trademark, or Copyright Takedown

We understand that your brand is your most valuable asset, which is why we want to help you protect every aspect of it. Our global team of technical and legal experts are well-poised to takedown any copyright or trademark infringements threatening your brand.

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Phishing or Malware Targeting My Brand

If you've discovered a phishing or malware based attack targeting your customers or brand, we can help! Our analysts will swiftly investigate and shut down attacks against your brand. Using our network of relationships with hosting providers and domain registrars we're able to provide you with lighting fast service.

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