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1 in 25

branded emails sent are phishing
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Comprehensive Phishing Protection

24/7 Monitoring

Attackers never sleep, so neither do we. Our team provides around the clock monitoring to ensure that your brand is always being looked after. Every minute counts.

Machine Learning Powered

Machine learning is at the heart of our detection systems in our anti-phishing solution. Continual improvement over time means that we adapt to attackers modus operandi as they change.

Detect Mobile App Phishing

Discover and takedown imposter mobile phishing applications on major app stores, including the Android Play Store, the iOS App Store, and third-party app stores.

World Class Research

Our research into phishing campaigns places us at the forefront of the newest and most advanced tactics and techniques available to defend your brand and customers.

No Integration Required

We require no integration. Turn on advanced anti-phishing protection instantly and focus on what you do best. We'll take care of phishing.

Shutdown Phishing Websites

With industry leading takedown and response, we discover and shutdown websites in record time. Get a complete end-to-end anti-phishing solution.

We Protect $1B in Transaction Volume Daily

Brian Norton  
COO MyEtherWallet

In just the first two months working with PhishFort's anti-phishing solution, they've taken down over 188 phishing websites  – that’s 3 to 4 websites per day! We are especially appreciative of PhishFort’s continued scouring of both app stores for fakes and impersonators. With PhishFort’s help, our users can be confident that we're committed to making MEW one of the most secure crypto-currency wallets in the space.

Forrest Whaling

With security being the #1 priority at IDEX, PhishFort has played a pivotal role in insulating both our new and existing users from  increasingly complex phishing attacks. Since we teamed up, they have taken down over 150 imposter sites, and we have seen a huge decrease in the number of user reports of potentially compromised funds. We highly recommend them to any company looking for robust phishing protection.

Ray Youssef
CEO Paxful

Proud to say Paxful uses PhishFort for phishing defense! PhishFort have impressed us, they REALLY know the problem they are solving and provide our team with updates super fast. Phishing is one of fintech's biggest challenges and customers in emerging markets are especially vulnerable to phishing.

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