Every attack we find is blocklisted

Once we have identified an attack, we remove it. To do this we blocklist every threat and at the same time proceed to remove it

+ 418M Active Users

Our Blocklist is consumed by Web Browsers, Anti-Virus Providers, ISPs, and many others.

First layer of defense

PhishFort's Blocklist provides instant protection that safeguards users immediately.

Year-Long URL Shielding

Following a takedown, blocked URLs remain on our list for a year, thwarting future attacks.

How the Blocklist Evolves

Our blocklist gets populated and grows by clients and non-clients reports (via browser extension/nighthawk).

Once a URL gets reported, the report is classified by one of our analysts and flagged as malicious if it is targeting a legitimate project in any way.

We do not blocklist URLs automatically

To halt phishing campaigns urgently, we blocklist sites first, and legitimate projects can request removal through GitHub PRs or email.

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