Solution Briefs

The Internet can be a very big blind spot for Brands and Crypto-Projects, making it difficult to continuously find and deal with attacks in a timely and effective manner.

PhishFort is committed to fighting Phishing and Brand Abuse, making the internet a safer space for all Brands and Users.

How we fight Attacks targeting your Brand on the Web, on App Stores, and Social Media Platforms

We rely on a two part strategy, a combination of machine based automation and the work of security professionals. The first enables us to quickly find and evaulate potential threats, and the second ensures prompt removal of amy threat from the internet.


We employ harvesters to collect data from identified sources, leading to a daily influx that's sorted to detect potential threats. Our AI processes this data to create a list of threats, which our 24/7 team investigates.


Every attack we find is added to the Blocklist.  Our Blocklist is consumed by multiple entities: Web Browsers, Anti-Virus Providers, Internet Service Providers, specific Web 3 actors (ie Metamask), and many others.  PhishFort's Blocklist currently reaches more than 418 monthly users.


We remove fake & fraudulent URLs, social media accounts, and apps via our network of Registrars and Hosting Providers. Our evidence-based process is hands-free, and provides legal support using procedures like DMCA if needed. You can follow and track the entire process in real time through our dashboard.


Detection Package

Including a flat fee for Detection (Including Unlimited Website, Domain and Social Media Detection) plus a fee for every takedown.

Unlimited takedowns package

We measure the current detection rate and takedown needs of your Brand and provide a flat annual cost for a full subscription to PhishFort's Service, including 24/7 support, unlimitted detections and unlimitted takedowns.

Enhance your Brand security and protect your business from attacks today!

Detect and takedown phishing websites, mobile app clones, and fake social media content.