Fighting Cryptocurrency Phishing | PhishFort Protect

Fighting Cryptocurrency Phishing | PhishFort Protect

Introducing PhishFort Protect

Phishing is a big problem and there certainly isn’t one solution that will make it go away. The solution is usually significantly more complex than the tools that enable attackers to implement it in the first place. Our strategy at PhishFort is to use multiple layers of protection, detection, and response mechanisms to create a fortified defense against phishing attacks for the community and our clients. Each of our layers plays an important role in our ecosystem, and today we’re excited to release our latest layer in that defensive strategy, PhishFort Protect.

The PhishFort Ecosystem

PhishFort Protect

PhishFort Protect is our newest layer of defense. Protect is a Chrome Extension built to empower you, the end user, to fight back against phishing.

A Safe Website

Protect is currently focused on doing two things, protecting end users and facilitating the process of reporting phishing incidents.

Real-time Protection

Our globally distributed team of anti-phishing agents operate 24/7 to detect new attacks against exchanges, wallet providers, and ICOs. With Protect, we have the ability to shield users from sites we’ve identified as dangerous, in some occasions before the infrastructure has even been set up. Normally, it can take hours or even days to shut down phishing attacks. With Protect, as a user you’re protected from any attack that we’ve detected at PhishFort in near real-time.

Warning Page Protecting The User

Real-time Reporting

Another issue in the space is the antiquated method of reporting phishing attacks. If a user detects a phishing attack, they first need to report it to the victim. The victim then might respond to the threat, assuming that someone on the team is trained to do so, and then they need to rely on a third-party, such as Google Safe Browsing, to blacklist the site. In a situation where time is literally money, this process is clearly broken.

Protect bypasses this whole process by allowing users to report attacks directly to our team of dedicated professionals. From the time of reporting an incident, the site can be blacklisted within a few minutes, dramatically reducing the window of opportunity for a potential compromise.

Reporting Page

Where can I download it?

It’s available right now on the chrome store:

Or, if you’d like to install it manually, it’s completely open source and available at the following link:

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