PhishFort 2019 in Review

PhishFort 2019 in Review

We’ve had a year packed full of breakthroughs at PhishFort. We thought we’d pause for a moment to reflect on the long way that we’ve come, and share with you some of our highlights as the year comes to a close.

Binance Labs Invests

Early in the year we received an investment from Binance Labs, which led to part of our team spending a few months in Berlin and San Francisco, connecting with their extensive network and being mentored by some big names. This partnership gave us a strong start to the year, and dramatically accelerated our growth.

Continued Growth

We’ve been privileged to start working with a number of great companies who care deeply about the security of their users - MEW, Paxful, and Exodus, just to name a few! We’re proud of the companies that we’ve teamed up with and we look forward to growing our partner network in the coming months.

Updated Dashboard

We’ve had a focus on improving our dashboard functionality to give a better view of what’s happening behind the scenes. Most  of the work that we do at PhishFort goes on behind the scenes - investigating incidents, mapping out campaigns, tracking threat actors, and engaging with our network of partners to shut down attacks.   To give our clients better insight into the process, we’ve overhauled the dashboard and added a bunch of useful new features.

We’ve recently added a DNS security audit that performs checks against SPF and DMARC records, which is useful for protecting your domain from email spoofing used in phishing attacks. We’ve also added a configuration tab, giving customers more control over the domains that should be monitored and whitelisted. Feel free to explore the new and improved dashboard with your customer account, or sign up with your work email address to view it.

More Platforms Protected

Working with high value targets for attackers has given us important insight into industry pain points. We started out with a focus on the most common phishing vector today, phishing websites - taking down nearly 2,000 live attacks in 2019 alone. However, after spending time analysing campaigns we discovered that attackers were progressively adapting their attacks to use different techniques and platforms for attacks. As such, we’ve extended our product offering to cater for this by introducing some new solutions:

  • Mobile app protection: With the prevalence of mobile applications, monitoring and taking down phishing apps is an increasingly important part of keeping users safe. PhishFort now detects and takes down malicious mobile applications across popular app stores.
  • Social media protection beta: Scammers meet users where users spend their time. As such, it’s imperative that companies challenge the risk phishers pose on social media networks. PhishFort currently offers this service in beta.
  • Copyright and trademark takedowns: Sometimes, scammers are not conducting phishing attacks in the purest sense of the term. Instead of harvesting sensitive data from victims, they leverage trusted brands to launch fake products. PhishFort now provides our customers with copyright and trademark infringement takedowns. A brand new service that allows us to remove content infringing on our customers’ brands.

Roadmap 2020

After an awesome 2019 for the team, we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring. We’ve already got a list of major changes and improvements happening behind the scenes. Here is a sneak peak at what to expect.


Our machine learning phishing detection system TITAN 1.0 has detected thousands of phishing attacks using models that we custom build for each customer’s brand. Titan 1.0 is over 99% accurate. This coming year is going to see a game changer for the anti-phishing industry as we build out TITAN 2.0, a complete overhaul of TITAN 1.0 to make it even more powerful, focusing on improving its speed, scalability, and ability to autonomously self-improve over time. We can’t wait to push early warning phishing detection to its theoretical limits with the help of machine learning and all of the learnings we’ve had since we started.

Social Media Protection

Social media platforms being used as a method of delivering phishing attacks has been a recurring pain point that we’ve heard from our clients. Our social media protection solution is currently in open beta, while we extend and improve our ability to detect and respond to threats across more platforms. We’re committed to releasing a live version of this offering in 2020, so keep an eye out for it!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for exceptional people to join us in our fight against phishing and scams. Keep an eye on our current job openings.

New Partners

Our philosophy is simple: phishing damages brands, harms customers, and impacts a company's bottom line. We team up with companies that care deeply about their security and our customers understand this without exception. We’ve got some big partnerships in the works. If you know a company in the space that fits this bill, please let them know about what we’re doing at PhishFort, we’d love to work with more companies to make the industry safer.

We’re proud of the progress we made in 2019, and we’re even more excited to see what’s to come in 2020. Thank you to everyone for your support - we’ll keep up the fight.

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