PhishFort Team Up with Paxful

PhishFort Team Up with Paxful

PhishFort Team Up with Paxful

PhishFort is proud to announce that we’ve recently teamed up with Paxful, the world’s second largest peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace!

Proud to say @paxful uses @PhishFort for #phishing defense! These guys impressed us, they REALLY know the problem they are solving and update super fast. #phishing is one of #fintech 's biggest challenge and those in emerging markets are especially vulnerable.
— Ray Youssef (@rayyoussef108)
November 15, 2018

Paxful is a USA based platform for Bitcoin buyers and sellers to easily and swiftly buy and sell Bitcoin. Paxful process tens of millions of dollars in value per week. As a successful marketplace, Paxful’s users are targeted by attackers through phishing attacks. In order to combat these attacks and improve the security experience during trading on the platform, Paxful have chosen to work with PhishFort to help protect their users.

PhishFort is uniquely positioned to help combat phishing at Paxful with our cryptocurrency focused anti-phishing service. PhishFort’s global team of anti-phishing agents work around the clock to handle new attacks against companies like Paxful. We provide our clients with the means to track attacks in real-time , as well as offering our expertise in taking down the attacks.

Since the start of the collaboration in November 2018, PhishFort have to date identified and taken down 61 phishing campaigns targeting users of Paxful, helping to safeguard the integrity of the Paxful brand.

At PhishFort we care about the protection of both our clients and their users. We look forward to continuing our work with Paxful in the fight against phishing.

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