Phishing and Malware Website Takedown

Shut down attacks abusing your brand and your customers with PhishFort's website takedown service.

A Network of relationships

Leverage our network of relationships with registrars and hosting providers.

Registrars and hosting providers know PhishFort to be professional, thorough, and comprehensive. Work with us for industry leading takedown times.
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End-to-End Takedown

We'll take care of the entire process end-to-end. We handle the drafting of legal documents inline with the ICAAN ARR requirements, email and telephonic correspondence, and blacklisting.

We offer a completely managed website takedown service so you can focus on what you do best.
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If we don't take it down, you get your money back. World class performance, gauranteed.

Need to get a phishing website down? Our world class takedown team will assist.

PhishFort leverages it's relationships across hosting providers and domain registrars to suspend phishing content from the internet.

Website Takedown

Our website takedown package includes:

  • A Dedicated Takedown analyst
  • Blacklisting across major threat intelligence platforms
  • Over 50% of our takedowns are completed within a 24 hour window
  • Domain registrar and hosting provider intervention
  • Regular status updates
  • A report summary at the conclusion of the takedown
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