PhishFort Teams Up With Binance Labs

PhishFort Teams Up With Binance Labs

Our next chapter

Big news from the team at PhishFort! Binance Labs has invested in PhishFort. We thought we’d share a bit more about what’s happening behind the scenes and why we’re so excited about teaming up with Binance.

Our journey

Over the past 8 months, we’ve worked extremely hard at growing PhishFort into a company capable of defending the crypto market from phishing attacks. We’re now a global company, not only by virtue of being an entirely remote team, but we also protect companies across 6 continents. Our open-source intelligence that we use to power our browser plugin Protect is distributed to nearly 2 million users on a daily basis!

Right from the start, we decided to bootstrap PhishFort as a company, and as such we placed our focus on product/market fit and profitability. This approach helped us build a profitable company in a relatively short period of time, which meant that we didn’t have to actively seek out external investment in order to run. However, after being introduced to the team at Binance Labs (Binance’s VC arm), we quickly realized that they weren’t purely profit driven; rather, they were genuinely interested in growing companies that could improve the crypto ecosystem and drive adoption. They acknowledged that safety and security were pain points for the crypto industry, an idea which we are closely aligned on. With the experience and network of the crypto behemoth, alongside our scalable tech and purpose driven mission, we realized that there is a great synergy between us. As of April this year, we’re proud to have joined the Binance extended family and work alongside them to help make the industry a safer place for everyone.

Where to from here

We’re going to continue to work tirelessly to protect users, crypto exchanges, wallets, dApps and marketplaces from attacks. This partnership will help us develop even better tech, open doors to new opportunities, and improve our ability to educate and communicate with the community at large.

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