Threat Detection Solution Engineer


Full Time

PhishFort is a fast-growing international startup deeply involved in global anti-phishing efforts. We are on a mission to build the most sophisticated and customer-friendly anti-phishing and brand-protection systems in the world, with a focus on industry-specific attacks and unique countermeasures. Since its inception, PhishFort has been continually growing partnerships with leading threat-intelligence, cybersecurity, and technology companies. The result of these high-profile partnerships has led PhishFort to directly impact the security posture of over 400 million monthly active users around the world through other integrations, not counting the millions of users of our clients protected by our solution every day.


  • Develop, deploy, and maintain a diverse range of solutions to detect threats across multiple platforms and languages, primarily focusing on Typescript. Including but not limited to web-scraping and API integrations.
  • Design and implement threat detection algorithms that scan DNS, domains, social networks, and other internet platforms for potential threats.
  • Collaborate closely with the Data Science and Research teams to integrate predictive models into the detection systems.
  • Improve the scalability and performance of our existing detection systems deployed on AWS and GCP.
  • Engage in end-to-end ownership from concept to deployment, including specifications, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Assess new technologies and methods to improve the detection systems continually.
  • Participate in code reviews and other processes to ensure high-quality code deployments.
  • Provide third-level support for the developed solutions.
  • Be expected to work autonomously, make key decisions on how to approach complex problems. There will always be multiple ways to approach a problem, and you will be expected to make the most value-conscious choice between them. This is an engineering role, not just a coding role.

PhishFort’s tech stack

Below is an overview of the tech that the PhishFort engineering team uses to build its products:

  • Front-end frameworks: Mainly React or NextJS where possible. There are two exceptions which are Vue and AngularJS (legacy product being phased out).
  • Back-end frameworks: Lots of Serverless Framework on AWS. Occasional use of Google Cloud Functions.
  • Languages: Mainly Typescript with some Python. Legacy Javascript systems.
  • Cloud: Firebase, other Google Cloud services, AWS, Vercel, Heroku.
  • GitHub and GitHub Actions for CI/CD.
  • Planning done on ClickUp, internal communication via Discord.


  • Work with people from around the world - our people live in Azerbaijan, Argentina, Bali, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine, and more.
  • Competitive remuneration denominated in US dollars.
  • Fully remote, time-zone flexible. Work from home, work from anywhere.
  • A small but growing team means that your influence has a big impact.
  • A real-world impact: PhishFort already has an impact on the security posture of over 400 million monthly active users, your work will most likely directly impact this.
  • A mission that is inherently good - PhishFort’s objective is to ultimately make the internet a safer place.

Company culture

We are building an international team of people with diverse backgrounds, and equally diverse skill sets. We believe that this has an impact on improving the quality of the important work that we do. The PhishFort team now numbers over 30 people split between anti-phishing operations, engineering, marketing, and legal. We’re big believers in autonomy, which goes hand-in-hand with the fully-remote nature of our business. We believe in providing a stimulating work environment that is both challenging and broad. Growth is possible in just about every direction; we aim to help our team become the best version of ourselves by providing them the freedom to explore and take on challenges that they feel drawn to.